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Assisted reproductive technology

Assisted reproductive technology workshop

San Jose, Costa Rica

7th to 8th DECEMBER 2023

workshop will be held in both Spanish and English (with live translation to Spanish)

International Federation of Fertility Societies presents

This workshop will be a highly interactive meeting between international experts in the field of ART from IFFS as well as local clinicians and embryologists. The format is aimed at encouraging discussion and providing a safe space for sharing experiences and for finding actionable means to improve current practices in the field in light of the most updated clinical and scientific evidence.

Management of infertility

which covers the epidemiology and first-line management of infertility

Assisted conception

which includes short talks and discussions around legal aspects of fertility t treatment strategies for planning treatment, special situations in ART, and quality control/quality assurance.

Importantly, the workshop includes dedicated parallel sessions for targeted work with clinicians, embryologists, and fertility nurses; it also incorporates a clinical – laboratory interface where crucial aspects of IVF treatment will be discussed in depth, such as choice of method for insemination cryopreservation, embryo replacement, etc.

Intended audience

clinicians, embryologists, and fertility nurses working in assisted reproduction. 

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